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Sunroom Finish Work



This Project was another ambitious project that I normally do not take on. There are parts of this project that I do typically do, which would be finish work and ceiling fan install.
The sunroom was build by a General Contractor and unfortunately issues were discovered. I was able to identify and remedy the issues.
For this project the Transom window needed proper framing which required a complete teardown and rebuild of the front framing of the sunroom. Metal work unfortunately was showing damage and unevenness, so to remedy that a partial wrap was made to clean up interior appearance. Quarter round and new baseboard was installed around the room and screen frame. Custom cut trim pieces were made for the stone wall to frame it in better. New drywall installed and painted, with flexible trim installed around the transom window. The screen framing on the front was removed and reinstalled level and square. Decking was added to mimic the rest of the previously existing deck.

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