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Christmas Orbs

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December 2019

This is a personal project of mine. I absolutely love the Canterbury Light displays in Trent Woods every Christmas! I started 3 Years ago and created wire framed orbs, although I wasn't quite satisfied. So, I designed orbs that I could 3D print. My largest (printed) orbs are 300mm in diameter but most are 200mm. The 200mm orb is comprised of a 150ct LED light strand, 8 printed orb rings, 2 printed bases, paracord, carabiner and zip ties. Wrapped properly I can hang multiple orbs in a row or individually ! By 3D printing the frame of the orb, I am able to not only have multi colored frames but uniform orbs. These are quite time consuming to make as each ring takes about 15min to print and 8 are needed per orb, then add assembly time! Even with the time invested per orb, I love the results !

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